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There is nothing quite as exhausting as trying to organize a group trip. Especially if you have little ones who can’t seem to sit still for 10 seconds at a time. This is why you need to invest in a professional service that not only guarantees safety and comfort, but also creates a friendly environment for you and those you’re travelling with. The trick is to ensure everything goes according to plan, and nothing interferes with your travelling plans. At Minibus Hire Doncaster, our priority is to do more than just provide your garden variety services, we guarantee effectiveness at the peak of its powers.

What we offer

There are a variety of safe and comfortable options that you have at your disposal. Say, for instance, you are only travelling with you immediate family, or perhaps a few friends just to have a bit of fun. In this case, you may want to go for the 10 seater. If, however, it’s just the family, then you can, as well, go for the 8 seater which has all the comfort and safety features you get from the 10 capacity minibus.

You should also note that all our minibuses are fitted with all the equipment necessary to ensure the ride to your destination is smooth and risk free. Our drivers are put through a rigorous interview process that involves advanced driving skills, so you can be guaranteed that you are in good hands.

You may have a slightly bigger family, or you want to throw in a few extra friends or workmates, have no fear. At Minibus Hire Doncaster, we also have 12 seater that can give you that much needed extra room to accommodate extra people. If you have a corporate retreat, and you want something slightly more spacious, then you can always go for the 14 seater, which also offers a bit more legroom and overall great transfer experience

Our aim is to meet and surpass your expectations, to give you the safety, comfort and the convenience that comes with it. Which is why all our personnel are trained with in mechanical knowledge, simply as a precautionary measure to ensure safety.

Lastly, we offer 16 seater and 18 seater varieties if you are travelling with a bigger crowd. Keep in mind that our minibuses are disability savvy, they have more storage space, and you will have a design that is aesthetically pleasing and stylish.


For the Eco-tourists and sightseers, you are in luck. Doncaster has some of the richest and most historical places you can visit anywhere in the world. Anything from Sandall Park, the Doncaster Museum, all the way to the Conisbrough castle. We ensure you can see all these attractions at a rate that won’t burn a hole through your wallet. You can also just go around the town, meet people, absorb the culture and just have an overall good time.

f you are just looking for a pick-and-drop airport transfer, or meet and greet services, then you are in the right place. We offer convenient, on-time, reliable and effective transfer services round the clock. Our drivers are well trained and highly familiar with all the routes in the Doncaster area to ensure you never miss a flight.

If you are also planning a corporate event, then you can trust us with all your travel arrangements in and around the Doncaster area. We draw out some of the most efficient travel arrangements, and we ensure that your business trips are as time efficient as possible.

Lastly, a story is never quite complete without a good old fashion happy ending. What better way to give this fairy tale ending than with a transport service that ensures your wedding day is the best day ever! We offer transfer services to as many destinations as you would want on your wedding day. We also ensure that you have the time and luxury of concentrating on other factors in your wedding, just leave the transport bit of it to us, you won’t regret it.

Areas Covered


Are you the type of person who, once you arrive at a new town, couldn't wait to check into your hotel, leave your luggage in your room and immediately hit the town to check the sights? That adventurous streak should be indulged because who knows when you will be back in Doncaster again? You might even prefer to explore the town on foot. However, for a town as large as Doncaster, there is no denying that you would require some commuting or riding on vehicles to move around. Trying out the public transport could be daunting and disconcerting, so many companies have now entered the business of providing minibus hire in Doncaster.

The cheap minibus hire in Doncaster that we offer is not only user-friendly; it is also cost-effective and finances-friendly. You see, Minibus Hire Doncaster, despite the high quality and impeccable services we provide, we do not charge exorbitant prices, unlike other companies. Not even the fact that we have the best minibus drivers in the region will cause us to hike up our rates unreasonably. Despite the fact that we have had our minibuses configured with certain installations and modifications (reclining leather seats, drink coolers, entertainment system) that are guaranteed to make you feel more at ease when you board any of our vehicles.

Since we want to keep our vehicles in top shape and we also want to avoid having to spend a fortune on major repairs or risk that poorly-kept minibuses could result to accidents, we came up with our very own workshop. Here, a team of skilled and competent technicians, engineers and mechanics work together to assess the overall condition of a vehicle straight from a trip. Should they deem it to be a risk or that there is even the most minute of defects noted anywhere in the vehicle's system, it will be put on hold and be subjected to the necessary maintenance and repair measures before they are allowed to be used on another trip.

A minibus with driver is simply one of the several services we offer. What makes it stand out among the others is just how good our drivers are. We have a stringent recruitment and screening process for our drivers' pool since we don't want to entrust our minibuses and the safety of our passengers to unqualified drivers. We check out their credentials and qualifications, as well as their character and background. Personality counts as much as technical driving skills so we also make sure they have a matching personality that would suit our out-of-town visitors.

Self-drive minibuses are also available from Minibus Hire Doncaster. Instead of being assigned with a minibus with driver, you will simply be given a minibus and you will do the choosing when it comes to the person who will do all the driving. We know that you or your group may not be entirely comfortable with the idea of being driven around Doncaster by someone you've met for the first time and who is, for all intents and purposes, a stranger, no matter how congenial he is. Perhaps you even have sensitive matters to discuss among yourselves in your group and having a driver you don't really know listening into your conversations is not an idea that sits well with you. Privacy and confidentiality are the two main advantages that you would get when you avail of our self-drive minibus hire service. We are not really strict with our requirements. You just have to give us assurances that you can be trusted with one of our precious minibuses and you have chosen a driver that is more than capable of steering it around town.

In order to keep up the high standards of quality in our minibuses, Minibus Hire Doncaster also maintains a preventive maintenance workshop with its staff of brilliant and highly trained personnel to keep each vehicle in our fleet in top condition. After each trip, a minibus would have to go through the hands of our technicians and engineers to see if there are any problems or even the most minor of flaws or defects that could potentially grow into something bigger. They will immediately fix the problem and will only allow the minibus for further use once it is free from any defects.

We at Minibus Hire Doncaster do not want you to waste precious time worrying about insignificant details when a simply phone call would easily make it all go away. Why should you stress out when there is a transport hire company that is more than willing to take over and take care of you? Think of all the time, money, and headache you would save if you just make the right choice and sign up for any of our services. That is one regret that will never show up on your radar.

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